Mission Statement

We strive together on Mont Ventoux in support of each man and woman doing battle with cancer, and in memory of those whose fight has come to an end.

Conquering defeat

Patients and their  loved ones experience a frustrating sense of defeat when faced with cancer. Cancer seems an invincible enemy, omnipresent. Fighting it can seem a hopeless cause. In Belgium 40% of the population will contract cancer during their lifetime. Everyone knows at least one victim closely.

Ven2-4Cancer aims to inspire cancer victims with a sense of power in their struggle. We intend to encourage each one to experience that limits can be pushed, that the impossible may be achieved, that mountains will be conquered. ‘Surrender is not an option’ , and so we forge ahead in the uphill battles of illness and cycling, confident at what may be achieved beyond any  expectations.

Together we work to transform the lethal enemy of cancer into just another bothersome disease that will not be allowed to stand in the way of a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Pushing the limit

Ven2-4Cancer will ask its supporters to push the limit, again and again. To go where none have gone before: raising funds, climbing Mont Ventoux multiple times within a day, organizing a major event at zero cost, and setting up a medical system that will revolutionize health care.

Every aim we set seems impossible at first. And when it becomes a success, it inspires us to set our sights higher still.

Ultimate bliss

We draw inspiration and sheer endless energy from our commitment to those who rely on our support in their own permanent challenge. In sharing the best of ourselves we find unparalleled fulfillment.

Only a fool will swim against the stream, but together we may change the course of the river.

All those who have been involved in organizing, sponsoring and cycling the Alpe d’Huzes based in the Netherlands have experienced utter bliss. Nothing compares to going all-out without a shred of self-interest, and to move in a world where money plays no part. No barriers can keep us from our dreams.

Our mission statement:

To inspire and facilitate others to live a happy, healthy and full life!