Gerben Groothuis

Cycling is what the Dutch do, in large numbers. I too cycle almost every day, but I had never been on a race bike before in my entire life. That shouldn’t be a good starting point for accepting the challenge to take on Mont Ventoux…  Yet, that is exactly what I did when, back in March, I decided to participate. The reason is simple: I am fully committed to the cause of the Ven24Cancer organization and I strongly feel that if you are committed, you need to show with a lot more than just words, or money. The Ven24Cancer initiative is a great opportunity to combine commitment with personal dedication. I fully expect to be investigating the limits of my physical abilities on September 10, but I am confident I will also be exploring new psychological boundaries. I am ready for the challenge. Will you help me help the Ven24Cancer cause by sponsoring me on the day?

Thanks a lot!



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