Gerald de Blok

It is a strange walk…

I was going to buy a good bike. I wanted to get fitter and lose some necessary pounds, so it seemed like a good idea to cycle to work.  I started looking at some bikes with enough speed potential because I still had to make quite a kilometers.

As a little boy I would join my father on bike tours so I had had previous biking experience, but not on racing bikes.  Suddenly Mont Ventoux crossed my path!. I heard at work that some colleagues were planning to take on the challenge of cycling this mountain collecting money for charity. Their enthusiasm was contagious: I read some of the harrowing stories on the internet about the bare mountain and realized I had to sign up as well, so I did!

It’s a huge step, going from basically no physical activity to cycling Mont Ventoux … You may appreciate the strange look on the faces of people around me when I told them about my venture.

So, ultimately I ended up buying a nice racing bike and I have started a serious workout discipline. I am determined to reach the top of the mountain, keeping in mind the struggle of all those people that are fighting this terrible disease.


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